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Compétences Sociales - WOLF - Social Competencies was established in 2008 as a private organization

Compétences Sociales - WOLF - Social Competencies was established in 2008 as a private organization dedicated to the training, implementation and further development of prosocial competency programming for youth and their families. 

Robert Calame and Kim Parker are Master Trainers and program development specialists who provide consultation, trainings and seminars based on the Prepare® Curriculum and ART®  since 1998.  They are authors of various related articles, chapters and books with a special focus on working with families and problem solving.

Since 2016 Robert Calame has been serving as a consultant to a number of Quebec CIUSSS’ on a project known as PRISM (Projet Regional d’Innovation en Sante Mentale) aimed at providing innovative services to youth faced with mental health and behavioral challenges in their daily lives.  

Robert  is the former Coordinator of Aggression Replacement Training® Programming at Batshaw Youth and Family Centres in Montreal, Canada. A graduate of the McGill University School of Social Work, Robert has been a youth care professional for over 35 years. His orientation has been to coordinate and train ART® and PREPARE Curriculum programming for youth in Montreal, to adapt and develop similar programming for Cree and Inuit youth in Northern Quebec communities and to bring family-based and problem-solving approaches to a collaboration of international youth care professionals sharing the same objectives. His greatest interest is in further improving the generalization of Prepare® Curriculum pro-social competency development programs. He strongly believes that the significant others in a child’s life are the people best placed to support that development. 

Robert has been a partner with Kim Parker in planning, program development and facilitation of cognitive behavioral, psychoeducational programming for the teaching of pro-social competencies to troubled youth and their families.  Robert has served on the Advisory Boards of PREPSEC International, the International Centre for Aggression Replacement Training (ICART) and the Quebec Association of Educators (QAE). Robert and his coauthor, Kim Parker, are responsible for a collection of books, chapters and articles relevant to social emotional competency development in the field of child and youth care. To learn more please go to the Publications page.

In 2007 Robert was the recipient of an award of Meritorious Achievement of the Ruth and Manny Batshaw Award of Excellence for his significant contributions in the field of child and youth care.

Kim Parker has had a highly successful 40 year career working as a child and youth care professional with  adolescents and their families, in Quebec, Canada. When ART® was introduced at Batshaw Youth and Family Centres, Kim was instrumental in the creation of an agency-wide ART® implementation strategy. Kim was a partner with Robert Calame when it came to planning and facilitating Family TIES groups at their inception, and to this day  provides support to others through consultation, training  and  development of Family TIES and Prepare Curriculum progamming. At the elementary school level, Kim has developed a conflict resolution program that incorporated Skillstreaming® with other established social competency programs. Kim is a coauthor with Robert Calame of articles, chapters and books. (see Publications page) 
Presently, Kim is President of PREPSEC International (PREPARE Curriculum for Evidence-based Practice in Social Emotional Competency), a special interest organization aimed at the development of social, emotional, and academic competencies based on the work of Dr. A.P. Goldstein. 

In 2007 Kim was honored as Youth Care Worker of the Year by the Quebec Association of Educators.  In 2008 she was the recipient of the Ruth and Manny Batshaw Award of Excellence for her significant contributions in the field of child and youth care.