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Our Services

WOLF (Working On Life & Family) Social Competencies focuses on developing programs for training prosocial competencies to troubled youth, based on the Prepare® Curriculum, Family TIES, a Family-Based Intervention to Compliment Prepare®, ART®, and TIES Groups and Prelude.

Prepare® Curriculum: from the works of Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein, this program includes training in problem solving, social skills, anger regulation, moral reasoning, empathy training, stress management, cooperative games and situational perception; understanding and using groups while recruiting supportive models in the process.

Family TIES: this program was developed by Robert Calame and Kim Parker recognizing that probelms youth face occur in the context of the family. Consequently to involve families in respect to what their children are learning, leads to the succesful transfer of their child's learning and generalization to their "real world".

Prelude: this is a group learning game that helps foster social and emotional literacy.  Prelude, through its four activity modules (one on-line, the others manual), provides a safe experiential zone for youth to learn about themselves and others while practicing key ART®  skills. 

For additional information from Research Press on Prepare Curriculum and Family TIES  www.researchpress.com

Visit the Prelude website to learn more, www.playprelude.com


WOLF provides on-site trainings to employees of social service agencies, juvenile justice, schools, and community organizations working with youth from preschool through adolescence.  All trainings are conducted using a maximum ratio of 1 trainer per 12 trainees and are ideally done with numbers of 20-24 trainees and 2 trainers.  The length and content of the training depends on the client's needs and services delivered.  Support and consultation are provided and, after the training is complete, fidelity instruments with onsite or remote supervision via videotape are  used to follow up on the training experience.

Trainings are offered in the following models:

1. Teaching Prosocial Behavior to Troubled Youth
2. Family TIES (Training In Essential Skills)
3. Problem Solving
4. Empathy Training
5. Anti Bullying Strategies
6. Victim Impact Training

Conference presentations, seminars and consultations are also available